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Presenting A wide range of products that help keep your little one's Healthy in all Seasons

WiseZen Range of Products

For Wiser Brains

Multi Vitamins & Multi Minerals

For Your Daily Nutraceutical Nourishment

Pre & Pro Biotics

For Healthy Gut

Iron Supplement

For Iron Deficiency & Anemia

Amclazen Range of Products

The Most Trusted Range Of Antibiotics

CurePar Range of Products

Paracetamol & Mefenamic Acid Combinations

Cezodox Range of Products

Cefpodoxime Combinations

Kaltzen Range of Products

Levocitrizine, Montelukast, PHP & CPM Combinations

Toszen Range of Products

The Cough Syrup Range

Other Products

Nasal Solution, Colic Relief & Ondansetron Solution

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